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Das war die Expo Real 2017

Apleona hat sich nach der Mipim im Frühjahr dieses Jahres erstmals auch auf der größten deutschen Immobilien- und Standortmesse Expo Real in München präsentiert. Vier Tage, vom 3. bis 6. Oktober, stellten circa 200 Kolleginnen und Kollegen am neu konzipierten Messestand, auf Kundenveranstaltungen, Panels und im direkten Gespräch, die Leistungen von Apleona in den Geschäftsbereichen Facility Management, Real Estate Advisory, Innenausbau und Gebäudetechnik vor. Mehr Infos

Apleona Wolfferts Gebäudetechnik

We combine plant technology with a range of bespoke services designed to ensure optimal energy utilisation for our clients – and we’ve been doing this for the past 115 years.

Many years of experience and extensive expertise in all disciplines relating to technical building equipment are the foundations of our business and help us to develop innovative concepts and economical solutions for you.

Apleona Wolfferts: Your dependable and high-performance partner for building and supply technology – from design and planning to installation and bespoke services.

Best Practice
Technical University, Dresden

Technical University

Location: Dresden

High-performance computing centre

  • Installation of cooling systems
  • Supply of a high-performance computer for data­intensive computing with a power consumption of 5 MW over a computing area of around 1,250 m²
Koelnmesse GmbH

Koelnmesse GmbH

Location: Cologne

New construction/plant construction in energy centre (east)

  • Installation of heating systems
  • Combined heat and power: 1.2 MWel
  • Full, 10-year maintenance contract
  • Pipe installation for the trade fair stands
  • Water and waste-water installations for the stand areas
  • Contract duration: 4 years
TÜV Rheinland

TÜV Rheinland

Location: Cologne

Building Technology

  • Energy renovation of the 114-meter high TÜV skyscraper’s building technology
  • Up to 30 percent less energy will be used
  • The measures were implemented across the three storeys at the same, taking into account the logistics of the skyscraper
Center for Hybrid Nanostructures (CHyN), Hamburg

Center for Hybrid Nanostructures (CHyN)

Location: Hamburg

Research building

  • Installation of cooling systems and ventilation/air-conditioning systems
  • Installation of 2 refrigerators, 14 ventilation/air-conditioning systems with an output of up to 63,500 m³/h and 17 fans
BASF Rheinufer Süd, Ludwigshafen

BASF Rheinufer Süd

Location: Ludwigshafen

Office building

  • Installation of heating, cooling, ventilation and sanitary installations as part of the Bilfinger One concept
  • 38,000 m² of floor space for around 1,500 employees
Neue Direktion, Cologne

Neue Direktion, Cologne

Location: Cologne

Administration building

  • 21.500 m² of office space
  • Installation of the ventilation and air-conditioning systems
MERCK Innovation Centre and employee restaurant

MERCK Innovation Centre and employee restaurant

Location: Darmstadt

Innovation Centre, Darmstadt

  • Compact cooling transfer station: 2,500 kW
  • Heat transfer station (steam): 2,000 kW
  • Kitchen ventilating ceiling: 1,000 m²
  • Air volume: 200,000 m³
  • Around 4,000 sprinkler heads
  • 4,600 m² cooling ceiling
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Opel Powertrain, Adam Opel AG

Opel Powertrain, Adam Opel AG

Location: Rüsselsheim

Engine test centre

  • Installation of the media and supply technology for heating, cooling, sanitary and steam systems
  • Installation of 7 refrigerators with an output of up to 3 MW
  • 15 MW total cooling output

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