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Das war die Expo Real 2017

Apleona hat sich nach der Mipim im Frühjahr dieses Jahres erstmals auch auf der größten deutschen Immobilien- und Standortmesse Expo Real in München präsentiert. Vier Tage, vom 3. bis 6. Oktober, stellten circa 200 Kolleginnen und Kollegen am neu konzipierten Messestand, auf Kundenveranstaltungen, Panels und im direkten Gespräch, die Leistungen von Apleona in den Geschäftsbereichen Facility Management, Real Estate Advisory, Innenausbau und Gebäudetechnik vor. Mehr Infos

Industrial sales representative

We offer training for prospective industrial sales representatives at our sites in Cologne, Bonn, Essen and Mannheim.


Our training programme for industrial sales representatives qualifies you to work in all commercial areas of our company. Your range of tasks can vary significantly depending on your area of work. In the management of construction projects, you will work either from the office or directly on-site, helping in the planning, performance and monitoring of all commercial activities. You might also be deployed in specialist areas such as accounting or HR.

You will be familiarised with the following areas:

  • Project costing and offer creation
  • Purchasing: material orders, order verification, auditing of accounts
  • Financial accounting: creditors/debtors, incoming payments, bank transfers
  • Invoicing for services rendered


Your grade average alone may not be a decisive factor, but you must fulfil the following requirements to ensure that you can successfully complete your vocational training:

  • University-entrance diploma (Abitur), technical diploma or at least a good secondary school-leaving certificate (Realschulabschluss)
  • Good grades in German, English and mathematics
  • An interest in numbers and business activities
  • Experience with a range of PC applications
  • Work experience is also a plus
  • Loyalty, independence and initiative


  • The training programme lasts three years, although this can be shortened depending on your educational background.
  • During the training programme, you will be familiarised with the various commercial areas in our company and, once you have completed your training, you will have the opportunity to work in any of these areas depending on your aptitudes and inclination.
  • The training programme concludes with an examination run by the Chamber of Industry and Commerce.
  • If possible, we will endeavour to take on motivated trainees once they have successfully completed the training programme.


The demand for specialists is increasing all the time. We give you the opportunity to carry out a range of highly responsible and exciting tasks as part of dedicated teams. We offer a diverse working environment and outstanding opportunities for your professional and personal development.


Once you have completed your training, you will have the chance to study or take part in a range of advanced specialist training courses, including:

  • Marketing and sales economist
  • Accountant (Chamber of Industry and Commerce)
  • HR administrator (Chamber of Industry and Commerce)
  • Industrial business administrator (Chamber of Industry and Commerce)
  • Bachelor/Masters


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